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The Writer Para has changed the way we consume content. Digital media, websites, blogs, and social networks have become the main source of information for people.

Therefore, it is increasingly important that journalists and copywriters, in general, adapt to the new times and learn how to write for the Internet.

Define the format

One of the great advantages of content marketing is the possibility of presenting information in different formats. You don’t necessarily have to write an article of 1000 or 1500 words, which, in many cases, can be monotonous and boring. You have many options. You can make, for example, an interactive infographic. Or maybe a short video. A good image is also an option.

Once you have defined the format, you can start developing the content.

Establish the structure of your article

Let’s say you decided to write a 700-word article. That’s good. A fundamental part of content writing is formatting. What does this mean? Before the Internet became massive, the only way for people to stay informed was through traditional media. That is, radio, television, print media. In the case of newspapers, information was structured in columns. Paragraphs were not separated at all and subheadings were hardly used. A rather boring way of presenting a news item.

Today, thanks to the internet, all that has changed. If you have read other articles on our blog (including this one), you will have noticed that they are all structured under the same format. Short titles, an introduction of one, two or three paragraphs with the main idea of the text, and then the most important thing: the development in subtitles. The latter is extremely important when we talk about content writing for blogs and websites.

Continuing with the same idea, remember that basically human beings, more than reading, scan the contents. Therefore, it is important that you separate each of the ideas in your article with subtitles. In addition, if the text is long, say, a thousand words or more (which is recommended), it is always good to put in the middle some images related to the topic. With this, you will give the reader even more rest, and you will make your article look better aesthetically.

Content writing should be simple

Simplicity in writing is a guarantee that your content will be read (as long as it is of high quality, of course). It makes no sense to use complicated language. Your post has to be easily understood by anyone. Therefore, the simpler the language, the greater the reach it will have.

On the other hand, it is true that this rule may have an exception. For example, when you write content for a law firm’s website. Another case could be writing for an online scientific journal, or for a medical community.

However, those cases do not apply in most cases. So, if you don’t write content for any of these areas, try to keep the writing as simple as possible.

Write for SEO

This is perhaps the most important point in content writing. When you write an article, you must be in Google so that Internet users can find you. And for that, you must take SEO into account. Writing an article without taking into consideration the basic elements of SEO is like organizing a party and not inviting anyone. What do you think will happen? Nobody is going to go. The same goes for content writing. You have to think SEO in order to be on Google. Otherwise, it’s as if your content doesn’t exist.

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